Freelance Website Designer, Content creator, and strategist

Care about your clients by making your website a valuable resource

Your website is more than a digital business card, stagnant with limited information. It’s your first impression. A chance for your ideal customers to discover what you have to offer. Which encompasses more than just your services, it also includes all of your content and your strategy.

Hiring a content specialist to design your company’s website, content and/or strategy will lead your prospects through every step of the buyer’s journey; from curiosity to contact. The rest is up to you and your sales team.

Website Design

Have your ideal customer at the front of your mind throughout the entire design process

Designing a website is more than choosing photos or colors. It should be a journey for your prospects. The goal is to create a design that is intuitive for your users. Don’t make them guess about where anything is on your website, lead them.

Of course your website design should also reflect your business, not just in the tone of your content but everywhere. All of the aesthetics of your website should be unique to your brand, and embody everything that makes your business special.

Content Strategy

a content strategy provides structure and purpose to your content.

Your content strategy creates loyalty and showcases you as an authority in your field. Instead of creating content at random then publishing it and hoping it sticks.

The goal of your content strategy is to offer quality information that’s actually useful for your customers. It guides them through your content and allows them to navigate your website with ease. In turn they offer you their contact information such as their email, and we all know how coveted that information is.

There are too many brands that throw out continuous low quality content that makes it clear they don’t have their customers best interests in mind. It’s time you stand out among your competition. Create and provide content that your ideal customers want to consume when they want it.

Content Writing

there is no Marketing without content.

Language was developed as a way for us humans to communicate with each other. Long before paper was invented, ancient wisdom was passed down from generation to generation through narratives and storytelling. Today, our languages have grown, changed and adapted, but it’s still used for the same thing:


Content is how your business communicates with your customers and prospects. Tell them your story, every business has one. Let your customers know what values you stand for to attract more of your ideal customers. The ones your product was created for.
When you offer your readers quality information that they find useful, you build their trust and loyalty. And loyalty is something that’s in short supply these days.

Unfortunately, it’s become the norm to have companies grappling for attention. Which by default means that most people have gotten really good at filtering information out. Instead of shoving your content in someone’s face, write something they want to read.

When choosing a content specialist to work with, make sure they understand your audience. You want someone who can write in the proper tone of voice, who understands how to communicate to them.


Increase your chances of being found by your ideal customer

SEO is a conversation between search engines like Google, and your website. Search engines are designed to provide potential answers or solutions to queries that someone searches.

Naturally, you want your website to be found by your ideal customers. The rules of SEO change and so does the algorithm for Google and other search engines. Choosing a handful of keywords that get a ton of results is not the way you want to go about it. Unless you’re a large business, don’t get your hopes up to rank on page one.

You might very well find more success using long-tail keywords because they are more specific. You don’t need everyone to find your website, just the customers who are looking for exactly what you’re offering.

Working with a content specialist will enable you to learn the best ways to use SEO reach out to the audience that your services are created for.


With all of the opportunities and technology out there, people still struggle with being their authentic Self. But your business can change that by providing a service that encourages them to do it. Whether it’s through travel, wellness, or a class you can make a difference. And I want to help you.

A shift has occurred in the consumer world. Millennials are currently the largest living generation. It’s pretty well known that we prefer to spend our money on experiences versus tangible items. We also prefer buying from companies that reflect our values.

Millennials are drawn to companies that display authenticity. We also spend a ton of time online and know how to decipher the difference between content that is genuine and desperate. Which means that it’s important to have your audience at the front of your mind when it comes to marketing. If you don’t, well, that’s just rude.

Working with a content specialist, no matter the task, can help you promote your message in a way that resonates with people who will benefit the most from your business.