About Me

Do i match your vision?

Before digital marketing, I learned that education is a powerful selling tool. I learned this unintentionally during the eight years I spent as a licensed massage therapist.

I noticed that when I explained the benefits of receiving regular massage and the anatomy behind why it works, I saw a huge jump in my repeat client bookings.

Aside from the massage itself, it was the conversation that showed me an illuminating side of people.

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I was able to find common ground regardless of age, profession, political, or religious backgrounds.

Educating and connecting with customers continued to be important while I was a travel consultant for Avanti Destinations, one of America’s top Destination Management Companies (DMC)

Working there allowed me to travel the world. Not to be a cliche, but traveling revealed new sides of me. I fell in love with the authenticity of the experiences and wish more people would have the opportunity. So they too can discover the beauty in the parts of themselves that isn’t discovered until you’re thrown into a new world and culture.

Working with companies that encourage people to be themselves has contributed to my ability to modify my writing and strategies to connect with who your client is.

Having useful information readily available shows your prospects that your brand values them and wants them to make the best choice. A strong content strategy with quality copy and SEO implementation is vital for improving your search results on Google.

Let’s bring the world together by creating an opportunity of acceptance. One customer at a time.