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Tourism and Virtual Reality; Like Two Peas in a Pod

Virtual Reality (VR) was once a far-fetched idea of the future, which is now quickly becoming actual reality.

7 Ways to Market Travel Experiences to Millennials

If you haven't been marketing to millennials, you might want to start. Did you know that there are now more millennials in the workforce than any other generation? We’re also the most lucrative for businesses within the travel and tourism industry. Why? For a couple of reasons. Reason 1: We are the largest generation within … Continue reading 7 Ways to Market Travel Experiences to Millennials

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Do You Need A Content Strategy?

If you don't have experience in content marketing it can be a lot like looking at a specific problem with lots of moving parts. A problem that baffles your brain when you try to fit all the pieces together. You mentally (or literally) lay all the pieces in front of you like a puzzle. Take … Continue reading Do You Need A Content Strategy?

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The Impact Millennials Are Having On Hospitality

Millennials also have a reputation of being especially fearless, efficiency seeking, empowered Americans. We have inspired and rocked changes in the consumer world forcing businesses to adapt or become extinct.

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Conversational Content is the Future

Conversational content helps the consumer make an informed decision about who they give their money to. (Not to mention statistically; conversion rates are actually six-times higher for content marketing adopters than non-adopters.

How to Market to Baby Boomers and Millennials at the Same Time

Baby Boomers have dominated the consumer world for the last couple decades and are now getting ready to retire, if they haven’t already. The two generations have different tastes in marketing and companies are noticing. Suddenly there's increasingly more Millennials consumers mixed in with previously Baby-Boomer dominated consumers.

Understanding the difference between Copywriting and Content Creation

Copywriting and content creation are similar so any confusion is understandable. Though, it's important to differentiate between the two to ensure you are hiring the correct writer in order to achieve the results you want. Let's start with main differences. Copywriting is used to promote traditional advertising and marketing, primarily used for outbound marketing. It … Continue reading Understanding the difference between Copywriting and Content Creation

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3 Ways Content Marketing Builds Your Brand

Before, content was just a way for one business to try and set itself apart from its competitors. Now, it is the heart of most successful digital marketing campaigns.

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The Anatomy of Story-Selling

...when we read a list of benefits or features, we hear a bunch of words. When we listen to a story, we live it.

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Social Media Influencers: To work with One or to Not Work with One?

Brands tend to work with influencers if they are trying to change their image, or to increase brand awareness.

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Does Your Business Have a Newsletter?

Newsletters are often an overlooked form of marketing and sometimes are lumped in with email marketing when they are actually quite different. Newsletters are not an aggressive sales technique used for immediate monetary goals.They're more of a subtle yet powerful marketing tool used to develop and maintain relationships with current and future clientele. Email marketing … Continue reading Does Your Business Have a Newsletter?