3 Ways Content Marketing Builds Your Brand

“Content is King.” A common phrase that has been around for over a decade in regards to the internet.

Bill Gates wrote a complete essay back in 1996 all about the importance of content. Gates predicted that content will become one of the most important concepts on the internet and that content creation will be vital for a business to succeed in the future.

Well, he was right. Twelve years later and content is still King. It’s no longer an option and the businesses that do well, know this. Before, content was just a way for one business to try and set itself apart from its competitors. Now, it is the heart of most successful digital marketing campaigns. Why is that? As Bill Gates said,

If people are to be expected to put up with turning on a computer to read a screen, they must be rewarded with deep and extremely up-to-date information that they can explore at will.

If you agree with Bill Gates, then keep reading to learn the 3 ways content marketing can build your brand and show that your business is an authority.

1. Content Marketing Supports SEO

You have to have content in order for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to work.

This may seem obvious but, it would be difficult to accomplish high ranking search results for your website without having any content on your page.

When creating content marketing campaigns, having key words and phrases will increase your SEO ranking. Search engines use algorithms to assess what your article, post, or website is about and what sort of content it possesses. Keywords help showcase what the topic is about. This way search engines know when to show your content as a search result when someone is looking for information about what you’re writing about.

Creating useful content that people enjoy and can learn from increases the chances they will provide a backlink to you if there is an opportunity to do so. In turn, the more sites that provide backlinks to you will help increase your search engine ranking.

Having a blog for your business has also shown to significantly increase your SEO results. Every time you create a post, you’re adding more content for search engines to rank. By increasing the amount of content you have, it makes the search engine think you are an expert and will be more likely to present you as an option when someone is looking for information related to your information.

It’s been shown that websites that regularly post content have higher organic traffic. Search engines think you have valuable information and your readers are more apt to return to your site if you’re posting useful and engaging content on the regular.

2. Increase Your Reach With Social Media

It’s not complicated to get followers on social media. The more you post useful informative content, the more followers you are going to get. And if you are providing quality content marketing, you will never run out of things to post. Let your followers know what you’re up to, post fun facts, or include clips from your blog or articles to spark interest.

When you engage with followers you help them form an emotional connection to your brand which will keep them coming back and increase your support. Social media will give you a chance to do this.

Brands no longer succeed if they only think about themselves.

Posting informative information and tips will also help you establish yourself as an expert. This, combined with your engagement will create trust.

It’s been shown that in today’s cutthroat competition, people tend to give their money to companies they feel they can relate to and trust. For example, you can do this by listening to their problems and provide solutions or featuring their stories. This makes them feel like you care about what they are going through and again, increases your appearance as an expert.

Posting quality content on social media creates brand awareness. Readers will naturally tell their friends or coworkers about you if they feel like you are a good resource. The more people that talk about you, the more recognizable you become. When your content doesn’t resonate, prospects will scroll by you without a second glance. After all, it’s not about what they can do for you, but about what you can do for them.

But posting once a day is not enough, you need to be able to post multiple times a day. This will increase your visibility and make it so people remember you.

The quality of your content shows people not only what you know, but who you are as a brand. Posting regularly creates your identity. Showing people who you are will make you feel more relatable.

If you’re still not convinced, Conductor’s research shows that people who read educational content are 131% more likely to buy from that brand. Even more, consumers are 48% more likely to buy from a brand after only one week of reading their content.

(No, those numbers aren’t typos)

3. Content Marketing Saves Money

Not only is content marketing highly effective, it’s also cheap. All you’re really doing is providing information and helping buyers make informed decisions. I should point out that content marketing is the long mans game. It is not to be used to create a short burst of sales like straight advertising does.

However, it’s been shown that using content marketing strategy will create over three times more leads compared to outbound marketing. Even more, the cost of content marketing per lead drops 85% after an average of 5 months.

One of the best things about content marketing is that it is recyclable. And everyone believes in recycling (right?). In other words, go back to old posts and rewrite them to keep them current. The best part of recycling old posts is that the search engines think it is new content, which in turn increases your SEO status and increases your search engine rankings.

Though, re-writing previous posts isn’t the only way to recycle.

You can take a blog post topic and create an ebook, or vis-versa. You can take blurbs from either to create social media posts to help create buzz and interest in the article, ebook or anything else you are creating.

Lastly, content marketing is currently the only positive advertising left. Traditional advertising outlets are quickly becoming extinct. People have lost trust and often avoid traditional advertising at all costs. How many people download ad blockers on their computers? (Hint: over 200 million.) You probably have yourself.

People fast forward through commercials, they don’t even look at billboards, and if an email subject line even hints at a sale it will probably end up in the trash. So why waste money on advertising campaigns when all you have to do is provide quality, informative, useful content that people can use.

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