Does Your Business Have a Newsletter?

Newsletters are often an overlooked form of marketing and sometimes are lumped in with email marketing when they are actually quite different.

Newsletters are not an aggressive sales technique used for immediate monetary goals.They’re more of a subtle yet powerful marketing tool used to develop and maintain relationships with current and future clientele.

Email marketing is meant to be transactional. It’s purpose is to promote a new product or service, and is intended to encourage readers to open their wallets. It’s still important to include actionable and valuable content for email marketing, but the purpose behind it is sales driven.

Newsletters should be published on a regular basis whether monthly, weekly, or even daily. They should include free content that subscribers actually want to read with minimal sales promotions.

Readers enjoy newsletters as a way to keep in touch with you. They want to know what’s going with their favorite brands, learn industry trends, or become better educated about any additional products or services you might offered. The key thing to remember is Newsletters contain content people WANT to read.

You maybe wondering…

“How do I benefit from writing something that doesn’t have a sales purpose behind it?”

The answer is simple. You don’t want your customers to forget you.

Millennials are currently the largest living generation; growing up in the tech boom. Having a wealth of information at our fingertips is considered normal. This has caused unexpected changes in the economy resulting in less brand loyalty.

In fact, according to Forbes:

“Only 7% of millennials identify themselves as brand loyalists.”

Newsletters are a way to keep your brand in front of your customers. Remind them that you are the expert in your field and create brand recognition. Regular visibility of your newsletter will lead to an increase in your website traffic, and raise awareness of your products and services, ultimately increasing your sales.

I think the most important aspect to make your newsletter succeed is to maintain a relationship with your customers. Providing a regular newsletters allow your clients to know what you’re up to and feel connected to your brand by feeling a bit more of a personal connection versus just a business to consumer (B2C) relationship which feels impersonal.

What Should Be in My Newsletter?

As far as what a newsletter needs to contain, that is entirely up to you. You can create a template to combat blank page syndrome. You could include information that their clients find useful or interesting that doesn’t lead to asking them for money. Things like industry trends or changes.

Some opt to include an segment for a behind the scenes story that makes readers feel like they are included in the laugh (or lesson). Any relevant story that helps customers feel like they can relate to you will have a strong effect. Employee profiles, helpful tips, or upcoming events, are all possibilities that can be used.

Ultimately, the rule of thumb to follow is to have content that your clients WANT to read. People have a wealth of information sent to them every day. The quality of a newsletters content is what is going to be the difference between your email being open and read, or skipped over and deleted.

Newsletters are not going to produce results overnight. I stated this before but it’s worth repeating. Newsletters are the long term game. It can take awhile for a newsletter to develop traction but just keep with it and you’ll find you will develop a loyal following.

Newsletters can be fun to write but some managers and business owners don’t feel it would be a valuable use of their time, or they don’t feel that writing is their strong suit. Hiring a content creator is great way to help you accomplish regular newsletters as fast, easy and effective as possible.

Regardless of the route taken, newsletters are as useful as they are understated form of marketing that every business should have.

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