Humanity Isn’t Broken, She’s Healing

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Humanity is waking up from over a century-long coma. Opening her eyes to see the Earth crying and choking while it’s inhabitants kill each other out of hatred and indifference.
Throughout much of our history, we have found new ways to separate ourselves as much as possible. Men from women, adults from children, skin/hair/eye color, beliefs, and language. In a quest to belong we have shut everyone out.


Outside appearances have served to create split-second opinions to speed up the time it takes to see if someone is “one of us”. All this has accomplished is to drive us further apart. Fear became judgment which evolved into hatred. Hate became fueled by fists and fires and whips. Being different has become a death sentence.

We draw lines in figurative sand between “us” and “them”, when what binds a group is often one opinion that’s segregated. One opinion becomes the focus which creates the illusion of a whole. We take this opinion and turn it into fact, waving our hands to dismiss anything that challenges it.

If we took the time to learn about who it is we are calling an enemy, we may find that we have more in common than we don’t. They have a family, as we do. They feel lost and alone sometimes, like we do. They have aspirations and dreams and talent, as we do.

Split-second judgments do not paint a full picture. Our eyes show our personal truth. A truth shaped by our experiences. Which in turn, is shaped by the environment and people around us. Which in turn, was shaped by the environments and the people around them. Thus continuing the cycle of lies and truth.

The Time for Change has Come

This repeated cycle has created a snowball effect of beliefs. Remember that beliefs are not the same as truth. This year, this generation is changing the way things have always been.
We see that beliefs are personal and adaptable. We have learned this by living in a world created for us and by migrating ourselves into the digital age. This new path is forged by another human trait: innovation.

The digital age has made us realize that our voice is not alone. We are able to connect with others on the other side of the world. We read stories, watch movies, and learn about the differences in our journeys. The voices of many are drowning out the voices of the few.

We are not so different. Our insides look the same even if our outsides don’t. Communication reaches beyond words and into motion and action. Do you know what is more powerful than a fist? The mind. The first can inflict a handful of people but the ladder can affect an entire generation.

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Moving Forward

Humanity is waking up from her dormant sleep. Waking up our minds along with her. Through millions of voices speaking about their experiences, we can see what fists, hate, and fear are doing to us. We can see that dividing ourselves over the fear of others is wasted, and limiting.

If we continue down this road then our own fears will ruin us. But if we see beyond our own truth then we have the ability to remember that we all want the best for our loved ones. Hurting the many in the name of the few does far less than creating together. Listening accomplishes more than judgment ever will.

We all took different paths, which means we each have unique experiences to share. My stories are different than yours but does that mean that your experiences, or mine, aren’t valid? Not at all. Because in one conversation we can learn more than we would if we hadn’t met. We can learn that there is more to life than what we’ve known.

This knowledge can lead to new ideas, creativity, and inspiration. One conversation can create a new friend. We can learn that there is more to life than our own limiting beliefs. That it is through humanity that we survive, not through hate. We have evolved to where we can belong to multiple communities.

We are no longer limited to only those who are closest in proximity. We are multi-faceted beings that can not fit in a single box. It’s time that we remember that. To understand that we are all connected. Humanity has taught us that we are stronger together than we are a part. Fear is not conducive to success. Fear is limiting, and we have not evolved as far as we have to be limited by fear of each other.

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