Social Media Influencers: To work with One or to Not Work with One?

Firstly, What is a Social Media Influencer?

To put it simply, a social media influencer is someone who has a strong online presence. This person has the ability and potential to influence the opinions of hundreds, thousand or even millions of people (otherwise known as, their followers).

Influencers let their followers know what they are excited about; whether the best lipsticks, new exciting locations to travel, the hottest… well.. anything.

An influencer can be anyone. Some examples might be, a well known celebrity, a blogger, brand ambassador or common consumer that is able to form a following from like minded individuals. I’ll be focused more on the group in the middle. Not the famous celebrities, nor the fanatics, but those in the middle who typically have around 15,000 to 1 million followers.

Typically, influencers have a higher engagement level with their followers. More often than not, they create their own content that are conversational in tone. The results, make their fans feel like the influencer is easier to connect with and relate to.

They tend to attract the most attention from brands and have become a new type of celebrity for millennials and those in Gen X and Z age range.

What Does a Social Media Influencer Do?

They do exactly like their title sounds like. They offer their influence within social media. Most create posts that focus on a specific genre or niche. Some choose travel, others retail, others still post on broader subjects like lifestyle, wellness, yoga, motherhood or just about anything else you can think of.

Influencers create social media posts announcing their opinions about products, services, brands, or simply just sharing tips and tricks with their followers. Their opinions draw fans and their followers view them as a reliable and trustworthy source. Since their fan’s trust them, they often purchase products the particular influencer said they love.

Lots of brands seek out influencers to partner with as part of their marketing strategy. Offering a free product or experience in return for a favorable review. Using the influencer as live advertising. In other words, brands hope it will increase their sales, promote their brand, or help their image.

Should You Work With One?

The answer really depends on who your market is and what you want to accomplish. Most influencers are millennials, and their followers are, you guessed it, millennials. Along with Gen X, and Z since these groups tend to have a larger online presence compared to older generations.

Since social media is all about what’s new, buzz-worthy, and happening right now.

Above all, brands usually work with influencers if they are trying to change their image, or to increase brand awareness.

Currently, 89.6% of fashion, luxury and cosmetics professionals confirmed that the activities they carried out with influencers effectively generated brand awareness

73 % said that influencers were effective in building customer.

Working with a social influencer is’t much different than hotels who work with journalist in hopes of a positive review in their articles. Something that the hospitality industry has already done for years.

However, within the hospitality and tourism industry, it can be tricky to know how effective working with a social influencer would be. This is because it’s difficult to track when guests decide to book with you. Even with the use of a discount code or trackable link. Especially since most of the influencer’s followers may not be visiting your city in the near future.

The clearer results lean towards products followers can buy on impulse compared to spa trips and vacations that are typically a more thought out affair.

There are definitely pros and cons to consider. Step one would be to decide what sort of affect you hope to achieve by working with an influencer. In other words, what goal are you hoping to achieve?

Make sure to do research to find out how beneficial (or not) it would be within your industry. If you still have questions, try finding a potential influencer who would be good for you and discuss options with them.

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