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It’s Time to Remember Who You Are

There are more options than the ones presented to us. We forget that we once had curiosities that delighted us. Those same curiosities are swatted down and we’re told “this is just the way it is.”

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Have you met Tokyo?

What I learned from my first experience traveling to Tokyo, Japan.  On the 20th floor of an American chain hotel I witnessed Tokyo overtake Mt. Fuji. By day, the mountain and I made intimate eye contact across the vast ocean made of buildings. The waves of the rooftops flowed between the mountain and myself.  Then, … Continue reading Have you met Tokyo?

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Millennials, Freelance, and Travel: What Will Our Future Look Like?

Humor me for a moment.  Imagine not being restricted by time sheets or vacation days. Imagine booking a vacation and not having a specific return date on the horizon. You have the freedom to stay for as long or as short as you’d like.  Now, if you have children, imagine taking them with you. Picture … Continue reading Millennials, Freelance, and Travel: What Will Our Future Look Like?

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Tourism and Virtual Reality; Like Two Peas in a Pod

Virtual Reality (VR) was once a far-fetched idea of the future, which is now quickly becoming actual reality.

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Iceland: The Land of Contrasts

Two days ago I flew home to Portland, Oregon after a week in Iceland and I’m already aching to return. I travel my fair share and each country leaves its mark on me in one way or another. Iceland, however, connected with me in a whole new way.  Iceland is a land of contrast. Endless … Continue reading Iceland: The Land of Contrasts

5 Travel Trends Millennials Can’t Get Enough Of

Millennials are traveling more than any previous generation. Technological advances has made traveling a more simplified and affordable experience.