Millennials Figure Out the Truth Behind Spa Treatments

Spas Are for More Than Just Feeling Good

The word “spa” or “massage” typically creates mental images of relaxing treatments with soothing music, and blissful pampering. But there is one aspect that is often missed; preventive care.

Millennials concept of Wellness reach beyond simply avoiding illness. In fact, it’s because of our wellness definition that we have learned the (seemingly) forgotten truth. That bodywork is for much more than just relaxation.

As a former massage therapist, it makes me giddy that slowly but surely the truth is spreading. One of the most important purposes for massage, facials, scrubs, and many other treatments is preventive care. Something the rest of the world is already well aware of.

“Healthcare” often feels like a gamble, or a battle you can lose even if you play by the rules. Often it can be difficult to get an appointment or expensive to get vital medicine. This labyrinth has caused countless frustrations to add to the stress of not feeling well.

“Wellness” is an all encompassing term that involves not just life’s facets but also how they are connected and balanced. It’s due to this definition that we are being proactive about our health/wellness by trying to prevent illness and injury from occurring in the future by booking a spa service.


According to a report from International Spa Association (IPSA)… 60% of Millennials are invested in their personal well-being

70% say that if they had extra time or money they would spend it on health/fitness, and 56% say they already attend spas. We are currently the largest generation on earth with $200 billion in buying power within the U.S. ($2.4 trillion worth globally)

Massage has always typically been the most sought after spa treatment. Speaking from experience, it didn’t matter much if I tried to persuade clients to try other treatments like scrubs, facials or any other service that was offered by the spa with additional health benefits.

Most clients opted to stick with massage only, even if they tried out a different service from time to time, it was massage they always came back to.

Millennials Have Drawn Attention

Thankfully, this is starting to change thanks to Millennials broadened ideas of “wellness” which is now inspiring change in how others think of spas. Now, when you say the word “massage” people are starting to recognize it for what it is: a therapeutic preventive treatment.

Marketing is starting to reflect this change in mindset too. Words like “package” or “retreat” are no longer effective. Instead, using words like “healing”, “detox”, or “unwind” are getting more results. Millennials also seem to be drawn to photos of people receiving treatments as opposed to photos of the space or products the spa offer.

Day spas aren’t the only ones seeing a change in the popularity of their treatments. Medical spas are also seeing an increase in services. Med spas have been growing rapidly in the U.S. since 2010 with a double digit increase in revenue gains and an additional 8% predicted by 2020.

Typically, people visit med spas to receive non invasive medical treatments – with anti-aging options near the top of the popularity list – currently the most popular with Baby Boomers. Millennials on the other hand, are less interested in anti-aging and more interest in prevention options.

Currently, Millennials account for 20% of medical spa patients and the number is growing. It’s not just the Millennial woman but also men that are seeing the health perks.

Research shows that 30% of Millennial men are highly likely to consider treatment.

The competition is tough but the spas who design and market themselves as a valuable and desirable escape are seeing dramatic increases in their revenue. By including educational content about treatment options, instead of only describing the physical experience is making a huge difference in selling a treatment.

Kevin Caldabaugh, the president of the Club Spa and Fitness Association (CSFA) states, “If you create a valuable experience from start to finish, then millennials will be much more likely to engage with, and make more frequent use of, your spa.”

Personally, I’m loving this shift and hope more people (millennials or not) experience bodywork the way it is meant to be. For more information about which benefits massage provide check out this post

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