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Spas Are for More Than Just Feeling Good The word “spa” or “massage” typically creates mental images of relaxing treatments with soothing music, and blissful pampering. But there is one aspect that is often missed; preventive care. Millennials concept of Wellness reach beyond simply avoiding illness. In fact, it's because of our wellness definition that
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Newsletters are often an overlooked form of marketing and sometimes are lumped in with email marketing when they are actually quite different. Newsletters are not an aggressive sales technique used for immediate monetary goals.They're more of a subtle yet powerful marketing tool used to develop and maintain relationships with current and future clientele. Email marketing
It is no longer enough to simply have a website. This goes for any business but it is especially important for hotels.
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It used to be, if you were able to travel abroad you were considered lucky or wealthy, but now it’s not surprising that international travel is showing a huge increase.