5 Travel Trends Millennials Can’t Get Enough Of

It’s no secret that Millennials have been, and continue to, change the marketing game.

Especially within the leisure and travel industry. 

Millennials around the globe are traveling more than any previous generation. An increase in technological advances has made traveling a more simplified and affordable experience.

Using sites like Expedia, Kayak, and Airbnb have revolutionized the travel industry. In just a couple taps of your finger you can arrange, flights, car rentals, accommodations, and tourism in 30 minutes or less.

So what has sparked the interest of the millennial generation with this new flexibility and ease of planning? Below I’ll discuss the Top 5 Travel Trends Millennials Can’t Get Enough Of.

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Authenticity in Experiences

Experience, experience, experience. If you’ve read anything about what millennials want, you’ll see “experience” listed a million times over. It’s true, and it’s why I’ve listed it as number one. 

So far, we haven’t grown bored of finding new culinary tastes and classes, volunteering opportunities, and adventures when we travel. Sitting on a beach is lovely, but getting immersed in a new culture is eye opening and exciting. 

You, within the tourism industry can capitalize on this opportunity by creating unique packages to showcase authentic traveling experiences. You can also partner up with other tourism players such as hotels, resorts, or local tour guides to create options. According to Expedia, it is expected that experiential and authentic tourism will continue to gain more popularity.

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Adventure tourism

Speaking of adventure, it really deserves it’s own segment. Adventure travel is a significant and broad term that umbrellas a range of exciting activities within tourism.

Adventure travel allows us millennials to engage a variety of activities that keep us entertained all day. Tyler Protano-Goodwin, a marketing manager at Audley Travel shares, “Millennials are used to a fast-paced life and this seems to continue when they travel. Hotels become less important because time spent relaxing in the room is far from the focus of the trip.”

What You Can Do

Take advantage of this by creating awesome personalized travel itineraries packed full of activities. If you have the ability to place these trips in new unexplored locations. If that isn’t doable for you, you can still include them within more affordable and convenient locations, just try and add a new exciting twist to make it even more authentic.

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Millennials are Digital Nomads

We millennials love our technology. We use our phones for everything from paying bills to keeping in touch with friends and family. Another favorite thing to do on them? Use them for inspiration. Especially for finding out next destination to explore. In fact, Travel Professional News stated that 87% of millennials looked to social media for inspiration for their next travel experience. 

Did you know, 46% of travel is booked through a smartphone or tablet? This means a strong mobile presence is important. Especially since 86% of us will be disappointed and leave your site if it’s not mobile friendly.

Social media is a goldmine for us. It is user-friendly, secure, and provides a plethora of information. Direct to consumer tourism companies can attract millennials by offering products online as a way to overcome challenges such as low tourism during the off seasons. 

What You Can Do

Offer us some innovative programs filled with information that’s readily available. Set up deals for cultural sites that we can book through our phones and well adore you. We’re into the new and unusual and love experiences that create stories and memories.

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Still Loving Bleisure Trips

Business + Leisure = Bleisure. Millennials have become experts at extending our business trips in order to tack on a couple days of leisure. After all, we are quite the multitaskers. 

According to Expedia, in 2017, 60% of business trips were extended to allow a couple days of leisure. Which is a 40% increase since 2016. They also found that nearly 70% of millennials are likely to extend their business trips. While AccorHotels.com found that every third passenger was a millennial flying for a business trip during 2018. 

What You Can Do

You can take advantage of this by creating awesome add-on options. Think of how people book themselves pre and post cruise trips. Having the ability to book pre and post business trips would be the perfect additions. The “extras” don’t have to be anything extravagant. Could be as simple as offering city tours, sightseeing, or deals on restaurants.

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Home Rentals Make Us Happy

We enjoy community, unique properties, and places that will Instagram well. It’s for this reason that a lot of millennials prefer to book accommodations through Airbnb. They offer a variety of places to crash while traveling the world. Whether travelers choose booking a private residence or a single room within a local’s home.  

Your options aren’t limited to just houses or apartments. They also rent boats, yurts, or even tree houses! Considering the number of millennials who booked accommodation through Airbnb grew 120% between 2016 and 2017, there must be something to it. Additionally, they provide a variety of experiences for any price level, to tack onto any trip.

One of the biggest draws millennials have for booking non-hotel properties is that we tend to veer away from the “typical tourist” trip, opting to learn about local life. By living with or among the locals the odds of meeting them, hanging out, or even becoming friends is going to be a lot easier and more convenient than staying in a hotel.

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