Are Wellness Suites the New Travel Trend?

The word “healthy” has become little more than an adjective describing living without illness.

Whereas, the word “wellness” ventures beyond just our physical anatomy, and cascades into our mental well being and state of happiness.

Wellness as a lifestyle can mean anything from the latest food craze, yoga class, and meditation; to eliminating toxic people or habits from our lives. And the commerce world is noticing. Business owners have realized that wellness isn’t just the latest fad, but a permanent change that is taking root in society around the world.

It isn’t uncommon anymore to hear about companies integrating wellness with work. Allowing more flexible schedules, group meditation, yoga classes, or even treadmill desks in the workplace that allow employees to walk while they work instead of being stuck in a chair.

No surprise that hotels are climbing on bandwagon by offering Wellness Suites as an option for travelers. The Four Seasons in Beverly Hills has taken the lead by creating five wellness rooms and two suites. Which have been so popular that the hotel has added an additional suite, all of which are located on the same floor as their spa and fitness center.

What exactly differs a wellness suite from an average suite? Well for starters, the Four Seasons suites come with a personalized fitness center made up of Peloton bikes, weights, and Alo yoga mats. After your in room workout, you can replenish your body with any of the nutritious snacks located in the minibar, while relaxing to a meditation led by Deepak Chopra.

“Ok, cool. What else? Wellness is more than just fitness, food and meditation right?”

It wouldn’t be 2019 if wellness didn’t somehow incorporate technological advancements. Included in the wellness suites is a Mood Box.

Created to simulate the intensity and temperature of outdoor light which controls the room’s circadian lighting. (Basically helping our bodies revitalize during the day and enhance the quality of sleep at night.) Guests can simply set it for the Energizing light which shows as a bright white light with a blue component that is designed to suppress melatonin (the hormone that makes you sleepy), or opt for the Relax setting to create long wavelength lighting with a softer tone.

Not Just in the States

Wellness Suites aren’t limited to the States alone. Our southern neighbor is home to Grand Velas located in Los Cabos Mexico.

Grand Valas offers a two story wellness suite that goes above and beyond the average hotel room. For starters, Grand Velas provide its guests with an in-room 50 minute massage every 2 nights.

The hotel wants to make sure they meet any need you might have during your stay. Want to stay in shape? They’ll arrange a fitness trainer to come to your room for a 25 minute fitness session. Need to decompress? Enjoy a bath with an Alchimia Apothecary aromatherapy kit.

Grand Velas knows how important sleep is while your traveling. That’s why they provide you with a Nikken Kenko pillow and sleep pad for better quality sleep which is enhanced by a Kenko LED lamp and Phillips Wake-Up light. Did I mention the health food mini bar? Yum!

Venice, Italy is home of Liassidi. Guests checking into their Wellness Suite receive not one, but two exclusive English-styled butlers. They can do anything from unpacking their clothes to prepare light meals, even a personalized turn down service. Just in case the butlers aren’t amazing enough, the room is equipped with a private Turkish baths overlooking a canal, showers with chromotherapy, and an in room sauna with hydroline hydro-massage facilities.

Want More?

Wellness suites are starting to pop up all over the world, resulting in the market exploding with companies offering their products and services. One such company trying to get a head of the pack is TechnoGym.

Offering a variety of products oriented to helping travelers stay on track with their fitness routine which can be difficult to accomplish while traveling. TechnoGym advertises that they can produce equipment for any sized hotel room and provide a variety of themes to fit their users fitness needs.

One of their most popular amenities is a running room with an in-room treadmill. This treadmill requires only a 5 minute assembly, a minimum carbon footprint, and is easy to use. It literally activates with the touch of one button. Above all, it’s quite. In addition to everything else, the treadmill features a program called Run To The Beat which selects songs from their playlist to suit the rhythm of their run.

As the rate of travel increases, I wouldn’t be surprised if wellness suites become the new norm in hotels across the world. It’s clear to see that the concept of overall wellness is not going away anytime soon.

Hotel’s can’t sell these amazing suites unless travelers know they are there. Click here to learn how hotels are keeping up with international travel.

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