What is Human to Human Marketing Anyway?

It is easy for a consumer to look at companies as all consuming money mongers who will say and do anything for that $$. It’s just as easy for a company to view their buyers as nothing more than metrics on a report and a label assigned to them. These assumptions have led to a mass of festering trust issues between companies and consumers in industries across the board. Human to Human (H2H) marketing wants to change this.

Human to Human marketing’s mission is to change this perceived issue by building its foundation on rebuilding the trust that has been lost.

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Trust has been missing in marketing for a long time. Advertisements used to be constrained to TV/radio commercials, billboards, and direct mail. Now, it’s grown like a disease overtaking every aspect of our lives. You see advertisements literally everywhere you look. In your email, on the website you’re reading, the kindle you purchased, social media, even calling you on your cell phone! All in addition to the original outlets previously mentioned. Personally, I have lost count of the amount of soliciting numbers I have blocked but they just keep coming.

Now that we live in a digital age, consumers have a voice and they’ve realized that all the power is theirs. Brands are at the mercy of the public. With a touch of a finger your prospect can compare pricing and find out just about anything they want about your brand, before you even know they’re looking. 

Trust has become imperative for business survival.

Trust plays a role for 92% of Americans, 89% of UK residents, and 95% of Canadians when making a big purchase.

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So How Do You Create Trust?

One word: Communication

Creating a H2H content strategy removes the previously conceived habit of creating content with the sole purpose of increasing metrics. It’s about changing the focus to remember that you aren’t writing for a screen, there’s an actual living breathing human on the other end of that screen. Someone who has problems and is looking for valuable information to solve said problems. 

Human to Human content is exactly that. One human writing to another human. Creating useful, informative content and then putting it out on your website or social media for free will create trust. You need to come out from hiding behind the imaginary walls of your business, open yourself up to communicating the purpose behind your business, product, and/or service. 

What’s your story? How was your business born? What problems is it trying to solve and for whom? And why should the reader on the other side of the screen choose you over your competition? 

Your answers to these questions should be authentic. You build trust by delivering consistent, usable, honest information. Odds are you have a blog. Blogs are a great way to spread content and show just how amazing your business is, and is vital to attracting quality customers with a higher return on your investment. 

The Other Half of the Equation

When two people are having a conversation, one is talking while the other is listening. Remember that the internet is a two-way communication system. Listening is the other half of the communication equation. 

Encourage feedback from your customers. Metrics and analytics are a great start to see what content attracts the most interest. Numbers don’t lie but they also don’t always tell the full truth. 

What do they think about your products or services? You might be amazed at the useful feedback they can provide, use their feedback to make your business even better and more useful. 

One of the best and easiest ways to find out what consumers think is by utilizing engagement methods. Create quizzes, surveys, or simply just ask for them to comment on your posts with their thoughts are great options and easy to implement.

Chatbots Are A Useful Tool

One of the newest ways to allow feedback from your customers is by adding a chatbot to your website. The tricky thing about conversations is you need to be present in order for them to work. It’s unrealistic to be available 24/7 so chatbots come in handy.

Humans prefer talking to other humans over talking to a robot. Think about how irritating it is when you dial a toll free number and you can’t get to a real person to talk to? You’re stuck listening to an automation tell you which purpose each number on your dial can help you with, often the reason you’re calling isn’t one of the options listed.

Don’t do the same thing to your valuable customers. Creating human responses to common questions through your chatbot will help maintain the connection your customers have with your brand. 

It’s time to do away with old fashioned marketing strategies that cost more than it’s worth. Transforming your strategy will bring your ideal clients to you like a magnet. It’s a time consuming task at first, but once you get the wheels greased, it is a smooth operating machine that will reliably bring your ideal customers directly to you. 

Human-to-Human marketing goes hand in hand with the entire concept of inbound marketing and having a strong content strategy. If you want to learn more, check out this blog post about content strategy or if you’re ready to make the change in your own business feel free to reach out to me directly or check out my services.

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